• Rachel B Goldenberg

A Diva Never Reveals Her Gown

Just as a bride never shows herself before she walks down the aisle (OK...sometimes she does. But that's another topic!), a diva doesn't reveal her gown before she walks on stage.

Every diva knows the power of the "wow moment" when you first walk on stage and no one has seen THAT AMAZING gown yet! Not only is it enchanting for the audience, but it gives you a special energy. It's also the reason why many divas change gowns throughout the evening.

I have gone to great lengths to sneak my students (or myself!) through churches to get from the dressing room to the stage for orchestra concerts and recitals without being seen. They scoff at first...but then ALWAYS thank me!

This doesn't just apply to singers or even performing artists. When you walk into a meeting, people see you before they hear you. Your appearance is your first impression and your style communicates a lot about you. It is worth it to take time to ensure that how you want to come across to others is how you actually come across.

Choosing the right ensemble is also a way for you to stand out and be remembered. In a sea of black suits (or gowns), are you the one in red or hot pink? I have painted my nails in bold, but tasteful, colours when I give presentations solely to give an extra memory to my audience (Remember the woman who talked about singing and lung disease--she had blue nails?)

How do you add something extra?

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