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Busy Mom Makeup

Last week got busy.

I don't know why because I actually worked less now that my June recital is over.

But isn't that what happens to all mothers? The days fly by. Honestly, I don't know how I get anything done--and yet, I seem to do a lot of things when I look back! My house is (relatively) tidy, I teach full time even when the university isn't in session, I cook dinner most nights, I have a blog, I work out almost daily and I take the kids out everyday.

Speaking of that...

I've been meeting up with my wonderful long-time friend, Arriah, for walks. Her daughter is close in age to my kids and they bike while we catch up. I'm always grateful for having such amazing friends in my life. On our walk last Tuesday morning, we decided to try a different route, which I knew well because it's part of my running route, only it was backwards.

I only teach one class right now on Tuesday afternoons via Zoom, so we had plenty of time.

Famous last words!

As we we walked up a hill (and the kids rode up, up, up...) I thought: "Man, this is a steep hill! I don't remember running downhill this much!"

So, yes, we were lost.

The kids were perfect champs and hardly complained. They were pretty hungry by the end though!

By the time we got back to the car and I got the kids fed, there were only 15 minutes before I had to teach.

Who was it that said "Moms get it done?" WE DO! I hope you enjoy this tutorial on getting ready when you HAVE NO TIME!!!

For more information about my singing class for people with respiratory disease, visit www.breathewellphysio.com

Quick Mom Makeup:

Foundation: bareMinerals Complexion Rescue

Concealer: Armani Power Fabric

Blush: Glossier Cloud Paint

Eyeshadow: Smashbox Cover Shot Petal Metal Eye Palette

Brows: Glossier Boy Brow

Lips: Charlotte Tilbury Hot Emily

Instagram: @sparkleandlipstick



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