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How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes and Sponges

It's the start of the May long weekend here in Canada and it is a glorious spring day! Yesterday would have been graduation day for Ambrose University where I have taught for many years. I am sooooo missing my students, colleagues and friends right now.

I have one graduating student this year and her parents put together an amazing distanced party on their driveway. Here's a picture of me and Anna last June when she sang a killer rendition of Manon's Gavotte (high D and all!) at a masterclass.

One of the best things about being a teacher is watching your students evolve, change and grow. Anna has blossomed into an amazing young woman and I am so excited to see what she does next.

(In case you're wondering, Anna also loves makeup and I gave her the Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Eyeshadow Palette as a graduation gift--Yes, she used it yesterday!)


Now to the task at hand...

How to clean those brushes?

First, yes, you need to use brushes. I won't say that the applicators that come with many palettes aren't totally useless, but they basically are. Brushes will change your makeup life. More on that another time.

The easy answer to the question...soap and water. I like to use either a gentle hand soap or my kids' shampoo. Some people like to "condition" their brushes. I find it's not necessary if you use something very mild.


1. Brush off the excess powder/liquid makeup onto a microfibre cloth. (You can do this in between brush washing too)

2. Add a little soap to a dish of warm water. Carefully swirl the brushes to clean.

3. Rinse in warm water.

4. Pat dry with a towel and reshape.

5. Allow to dry horizontally or horizontally to avoid dripping water into the metal.

6. Repeat once a week or as necessary.

The Beauty Blender or any sponges you have can also be cleaned with soap and water. I received a sample of the Beauty Blender Solid Pro Cleanser. It's much more effective at cleaning the sponge and removing stains than regular soap, but I'm not sure it's necessary, especially given the price. I demonstrate using it in the video tutorial.



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