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Lecture Makeup: Preparing for the 2020 NATS Virtual Conference

I was born for academia. I love teaching, I love researching, I love going to conferences, I love exchanging ideas, I love thinking...there is no doubt in my mind, I am made to be a professor. AND I AM! I've been lucky enough to present my work all over the world, multiple times per year.

(Ok, I work hard too. My friend likes to quote his mentor who said, "The harder I work, the luckier I get.)

NATS (the National Association of Teachers of Singing) has a special place in my heart. I have been actively involved in NATS for the better part of my career. First as a student studying with NATS teachers who put me in NATS sponsored competitions. Later I competed in the very high level competition, the NATS Artist Awards and even made it to the national semi-finals one year. I was also selected for the prestigious NATS internship program and I got to go study teaching with a master teacher, Marietta Simpson (who teaches at Indiana University), for two full weeks. I've been the President of the Southern Alberta Chapter since 2016 and Chair of our local competition for the last six years.

(Me with Scott McCoy, Claudia Catania, Christopher Arneson and Angela Winter at the 2011 NATS Internship Program in Wisconsin. All of us were associated with Westminster Choir College, my alma mater.)

(Me with Marietta Simpson, my master teacher, at the NATS Internship Program.)

The opportunity to present at the national conference was HUGE for me. I found out my abstract had been selected while I was traveling in the UK last September. I am a cry-er and totally burst into tears when I received the email. I was so excited! I have attended so many of these conferences and I've always wanted to add the little flag that says "presenter" to my name tag.

(Me with Allen Henderson, the Executive Director of NATS, at the 2019 Voice Foundation Symposium in Philadelphia.)

(Me with Karen Brunssen, the President of NATS, at the 2019

Voice Foundation Symposium in Philadelphia)

But COVID had other plans for me...

Luckily, the conference has gone virtual and I still get the chance to put my research/project/labour of love out there. This is actually better in some ways because my colleague and co-presenter might not have been able to come with me. The presentation is much stronger with her presence.

Jessica and I met almost five years ago. She is a physiotherapist who specializes in breathing disorders. I told her about my dreams of continuing my doctoral research and giving singing lessons to people with lung disease. Fast forward a few years and we created "Breathe, Sing, Move!" It's a program that combines physiotherapy with singing lessons for people with all kinds of lung disease and respiratory symptoms. You can read more about our program on our website.

(Me with Jessica at my recital in July 2019)

This afternoon we filmed our lecture about Breathe, Sing, Move! It was still a thrill and I am really looking forward to watching all the other wonderful lectures that come out of the virtual conference.

Of course, it's no substitute for the real thing. Honestly, I am very sad not to see my colleagues live. I love talking shop over beers and visiting with old friends--and seeing my mentors!!!

(Me with the great Marvin Keenze, one of my first teachers in vocal pedagogy, at the 2018 NATS conference in Las Vegas.)

Here’s my tutorial about my makeup for filming this talk. For those of us who are passionate about academia, getting ready for the “big presentation” is just as exciting as getting ready for a “big date.” It takes months (and years of experience!) to get a lecture of this level together and it’s important to look your best.

It’s very different having to lecture up close and in HD. Usually, we’ve very far away from our audience and we have other presentation tools at our disposal. On video, it’s all face-focused and your face becomes one of your primary tools of expression and audience connection.

I hope you find my tips helpful.

For more information about our program, visit www.breathewellphysio.com.

To register for the NATS conference visit www.nats.org

(And it’s so INEXPENSIVE! Honestly if you’re a voice teacher, there’s no excuse not to!)

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