• Rachel B Goldenberg

Makeup and a Song "And So It Goes..."

NATS has done a fun thing during the pandemic to lift the spirits of its members. They send out "A Word and a Song" featuring a NATS member each weekend. I love it!

During the pandemic, one of the things that has kept me sane is singing. Granted, I am also looking to enhance my career as a singing teacher by trying new things. Specifically, I'm working on playing the piano for myself while I sing (which is surprisingly difficult for me--and I majored in piano for two years before becoming a singer!) and I'm working on learning more "music from the radio" (in other words, pop songs from all eras).

Today, I present to you "Make Up and a Song."

I sang this song "And So It Goes" back in high school with my choir. It's so beautiful and carries a lot of meaning for me. Billy Joel is so good at story telling! There's a lot in there to unpack.

Being a professional singer sometimes makes singing feel like a "chore" or a "job." When you're in the middle of gig after gig (and trying to find the practice time to learn everything when you have SO MUCH LIFE happening at the same time) it's easy to lose sight of how it actually feeds your soul. I have enjoyed this time to not only explore a different genre, but connect to the art that I love.

Also, I love doing my makeup. So, I did TWO things that make me happy today!

I hope you enjoy!

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