• Rachel B Goldenberg

Shower, do your hair and make up and GET DRESSED!

Times are tough to say the least and it may seem strange to start a beauty blog in the middle of so much chaos. Perhaps it's frivolous or imprudent, careless and, hey, maybe pointless?

On the other hand, maybe it's the perfect time!

Years ago, my mother broke her ankle very badly and had to stay home. Now, my mother is one of the hardest working women I've known. To say she's prominent in her field is a sore understatement. She is not only a leader but a change-maker and she has built her life while mothering four--FOUR!-- daughters. Even the COVID-19 pandemic isn't stopping her from stepping up, continuing her work and now volunteering to help in other capacities. So the broken ankle, which actually stopped her, was awful for her because she really felt useless. She was sad and we could all tell. I remember she told me she was upset and having a hard time coping. BUT, she told me she gives other people the following advice when life isn't going to plan: Instead of staying in bed, feeling sorry yourself, you get up, shower, do your hair and makeup and GET DRESSED! Then you go FIND something to do. That particular day, she had cleaned out the drawers in her bathroom.

This is the start of my "something to do." I'll admit I've been wanting to do a beauty blog for a while. A few years ago, after spending wayyyyy too much time in sweatpants with my hair in a messy bun and caring really not-at-all, I decided, for various reasons, to give myself some more respect. I felt like I had neglected myself and I knew I had more in me on so many levels. For me, that started with doing my hair and makeup. I began to watch YouTube tutorials. I ordered new palettes. I bought makeup brushes and tried fancy skincare. I got really into it and eventually found..."me" again. Of course, there's much more to it than simply taking care of my appearance. But there is really something to be said for learning to take care of yourself.

Along this personal journey, I have accumulated A LOT of knowledge. My friends, family, colleagues and students (I'm a singing teacher...my professional website is here) know to ask me for makeup and style advice, which I find myself VERY willing to give (BTW, have you found the "touch up my appearance" button on ZOOM???) Beauty has really become an unexpected hobby for me and I am happy to share.

So to all of you I say: Get up! Present your best self! Be who YOU are in spite of the disorder around you. YOU are worth it!

(Photo by my dad, taken from a safe physical distance)

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